Hayward H Series Millivolt Natural Gas Pool Heater (150 – 250 BTU)

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Hayward H Series Millivolt Natural Gas Pool Heater

Dreaming of the pool is one of the best ways to get through the tough days of winter. But, in the early days of the summer season, the temperature of your pool water may not live up to your fantasties. In Canada, the summer season can be extremely short, and days when the pool is too cold to enjoy makes it even shorter.

One of the best ways to maximize the use of your pool, and to encourage your family to spend more time outside this summer is by installing a heater on your pool. With a touch of warmth, you can extend the usability of your pool by weeks each year, and get the summer season started as soon as the sun comes out. The Hayward Millivolt pool heater provides reliable, durable, and easy-to-use pool heating for inground pool owners.

Why choose the Hayward Millivolt Pool Heater?

Pool heaters operate in difficult environments, and the Hayward Millivolt pool heater has been designed to withstand unbalanced pool water, harsh flow, and tough weather. The rust-resistant water-path and outer casing prevent corrosion over time. The Hayward Millivolt pool heater is also equipped with a cupro-nickel heat exchanger that is more durable than past models. This revolutionary heat exchanger is tough enough to stand up to traditional chlorine pools, or withstand the harsh salinity of saltwater chlorination.

With the Hayward Millivolt pool heater, thousands of pool owners across Canada have extended their swimming season, and relied on their heater for many years of reliable performance.

Reliable and Efficient Pool Heating with Hayward

For some people a pool heater may seem like a luxury that is not necessary for the pool. But when you consider the time, energy, and effort that you put into the swimming season each year, the extra time that a pool heater can add can make it very worthwhile. The Hayward H-Series has been designed for optimum pool heating performance that is easy to use. Whether you’re looking for a first heater for your pool, or seeking a replacement for an existing model, the Hayward H-Series natural gas pool heater is an excellent option.

Warranty: 3 Year

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