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Ottawa Pool Closing Service Company


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Ottawa Valley Pools is your affordable pool closing company
With professional service in the Ottawa Region

Swimming Pool Closing season is here

Ottawa Valley Pools is your affordable pool closing company in Ottawa and offers a professional service to winterize and store your swimming pool for another year, at an affordable cost!

We Are Ottawa’s Pool Closing Specialists


No one likes the end of summer. The weather gets colder, the days get shorter and in Canada, months of snowy, frost-bitten weather lie ahead.

There’s a lot to do to prepare your home for Canada’s harsh winter months. And if you own a pool, closing it for the season is an absolutely essential, albeit tedious and time-consuming task.

Your pool must be thoroughly cleaned, from its liner to the filter, skimmer and pump basket to avoid any damage during the winter or startup in the spring. Your pool water level must be lowered and the remaining water must be chemically treated to ensure it doesn’t freeze. Water expands while frozen and will cause damage to your liner, including tearing and punctures. Any drain plugs must be removed and a winter cover will need to be placed over the pool surface for protection of outside elements.

You can rest assured that your swimming pool will be properly protected all winter long, as our pool closing services are the best insurance to avoid any weather damage. An improperly closed swimming pool can result in costly repairs down the road, including liner tearing and problems with the pump and filtration systems.

Let an expert take care of your fall/winter pool closing and remove the headaches you experienced each year closing your pool


Services we offer are:

  • Opening
  • Closing
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Pool Cleaning Services
  • Pump Changes
  • Filter Changes
  • Heater Changes
  • Liner Changes
  • Salt Systems
  • Balancing Chemicals
  • Leak Detection
  • Pool Repairs
  • All Equipment Repairs
  • Monthly or Weekly Maintenance
  • And much more!