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pool school

How Much Salt Do You Add?

The ideal salt level is between 2700-3400 ppm (parts per million) with 3200 ppm being optimal.  Before adding salt to your pool, test the water to check your salt level. If the level is low, determine the number of gallons in the pool and add salt according to the chart [ ... ]

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New Homebuyer’s Guide to Pool Maintenance

If you’ve purchased a home with a swimming pool, congratulations! A swimming pool can add so much to your home each summer – encouraging your family to socialize, exercise, and spend more time together. But before you dive in and enjoy your new pool, you’ll need to be sure you [ ... ]

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Pool Volume Calculator

Here is a great tool to calculate the volume or capacity of your pool. Important!Remember to measure from the depth of the water rather than the height of your wall. More complicated pool shapes will require multiple calculations and adding them together. For more detailed information on the calculations, read [ ... ]

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Importance of a Balanced Pool

One of the most important steps of swimming pool maintenance is water balance. Generally, understanding water balance can also be one of the most confusing processes of pool maintenance. Because of its complexity, some new pool owners may not know everything they have to do to keep their pool water [ ... ]

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All About Salt Water Pool Chlorination

Before pool chlorinators, it was necessary to handle and store harsh chlorination chemicals in order to keep your swimming pool clean and safe for everyone to use. Today, advancements in the pool industry bring us a simpler and safer alternative; Salt Chlorination. What is Salt Chlorination? Salt Chlorination is the [ ... ]

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ABC’s of Pool Water Chemistry

There are five chemical levels that every pool owner needs to keep track of: FC – Free Chlorine – A sanitizer which keeps your pool water safe and free of germs. Chlorine must be constantly replenished. (level depends on CYA) PH – Acidity/Alkalinity – Needs to be kept in balance [ ... ]

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Pool Maintenance Guide

Basic Pool Care Checklist The information stated within this document is for reference only, and is not intended to be used as a basis for exact pool and pool water maintenance, but to be used as a guideline. If you have any questions or concerns than contact us and we [ ... ]

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