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Pool Opening Service

Opening your swimming pool for the summer can be a daunting task and most homeowners choose to leave it to professionals. Ottawa Valley Pools offers affordable and professional pool opening services in Ottawa.

The toughest part of opening your pool is removing the winter cover, which involves pumping off the water and removing debris that accumulated on the cover during winter and then cleaning and putting the cover away.

After the cover is removed, we remove all winterizing equipment, such as foam rope and plugs.

When opening a pool we reinstall all pool deck equipment, such as ladders or diving boards, reassemble and activate the filtration system (as well as inspecting it for leaks) and start all other equipment – pumps, etc.

Once the pool is open and filled with water, we optionally balance the water chemistry. Chemicals are not included in the price of our pool opening Since each pool requires a different amount of varying chemicals, it’s not possible to charge a flat rate for them.

Salt bags can be delivered with the pool opening at a reduced cost when booked with an opening.

Premium Swimming Pool Opening Includes:

  • Reassemble the pool pump, pool filter, pool chlorinator, or anything else.
  • Install swimming pool deck equipment (ladders, lights).
  • Remove pool plugs.
  • Evaluate pool water circulation.
  • Check pool ladder bumpers, pressure gauge, return jets, baskets and offer replacements if necessary.
  • Evaluate pool maintenance equipment (vacuum head, vacuum hose, wall brush, leaf skimmer, vacuum pole) and offer suggestions or replacement if necessary.
  • Evaluate solar blanket
  • Minor pool repairs & leak inspection
  • Filling the pool with the garden hose
  • Pool chemical treatment (incl. shock, stain+scale, and 60% algaecide)
  • Start-up Equipment
  • Winter Cover Removal
    (includes cleaning and removal of leaves which are taken away, no more messy wet leaves to deal with!)

Winter Cover Removal Includes:

  • Start the garden hose to fill the pool
  • Option to pump clean water back under the pool cover
  • Pump dirty water to street
  • Empty and roll winter pool cover water bags
  • Discard broken water bags
  • Place leaves in a pile to dry
  • Folding the winter pool cover and placing it to dry.

Cover Removal Tips

  • For an amazingly clean pool/cover try using liquid chlorine on top of your pool cover to keep the algae away
  • Using chlorine on your cover will allow you to pump the clean water back under your pool cover, thus saving on your water bill. Once the clean water is pumped under you can remove the leaves and other large debris.
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